Food and Agro
Food and Agro

Agriculture sector plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan, as it accounts for a significant percentage of the country's GDP (nearly 22%), and employs an even larger percentage of the country's workforce (nearly 45%). Despite such noticeable numbers, it is the considered opinion of experts that Pakistan still has a huge untapped potential for grabbing a significant share of world agro-food exports. The Agro Food Division at TDAP, is focused on helping stimulate the export of agro-food products from Pakistan in order to achieve this potential. To this end, various projects and activities are undertaken by the Division, which are as follows:

1. Exhibitions of Agro-Food products: Participation in nearly 10 international exhibitions annually is undertaken for this sector by the Agro-Food Division. Some significant exhibitions attended by our exporters include Gulf Food World Food, Moscow, Sial Food Fair, Anuga Food Fair. Some local exhibitions are also organized by the Division to showcase potential of our agro-food products.
2. Delegations of Agro-Food product exporters: The Division organizes exporters' delegation to potential importer countries of Pakistani agro-food products. In year recent years, some of the countries visited by such delegations included Maldives, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Oman. Similarly, delegations of buyers are invited to visit Pakistan in order to see the potential and range of Pakistani agro-food products. In the last year, we had delegations from South Africa and Yemen.
3. Projects for Agro-Food exports: There is a dire need in the country for improving the quality of our agro-food products by transfer of technology, improving the hygienic conditions at production and packaging stage, as well as value-addition. This need is met by various projects undertaken by the Agro-Food Division, like setting up of the Cold Storage and Common Facility Centers to provide technical training in crop protection, quality improvement, storage, processing, packing and marketing of agro-food commodities.

Besides the above summarized major activities, the Division is continually engaged in preparing commodity / country reports pertaining to the agro-food sector, as well as organizing informational and training seminars and workshops for current and potential entrepreneurs in this sector. Such activities are of course undertaken with full consultation - and sometimes in collaboration - with the various stakeholders of the Agro-Food sector.