Textile and Clothing
Textile and Clothing

Textile is the largest sector of our exports, and the single largest employer. To endeavor to move forward rapidly on the export front, it is inevitable that special attention be paid towards this sector. TDAP has tried to provide a focused approach in attaining this objective. Steady growth in worldwide demand in Textile & Clothing and rapid changes in the fashion industry have made it unavoidable to equip this sector with modern techniques and technology to make it nimble-footed enough to identify and respond to changing tastes worldwide. The Division keeps a strong liaison with the entire Textile related Associations on this platform. The Division has been doing a region-wise market study to see the demand and future trends in Textile Sector in different countries and regions. For this the Textile and Clothing Division is working in close coordination with the Marketing Divisions at TDAP.

TDAP has been undertaking a lot of efforts on different avenues for the promotion of this segment. The major emphasis is being given recently on Value-Addition in the Apparel Sector. This division has initiated a number of Projects, Seminars, Exhibitions, Delegations, Special Incentives/Subsidies, Alliance with Associations, Promotion of Fashion Designers, New Institutes, in recent times to promote and create awareness among the stakeholders in the different ways to make this Industry more viable and profitable.

TDAP's Textile & Clothing Division is also looking after exports of Carpets, Handicrafts, Leather and Leather Goods. Trade Delegation for Leather was sent to Czech Republic / Poland / Hungary / Japan in the recent years. More such delegations are planned for Australia / New Zealand for leather and for Textiles to African countries. The Division also plans to hold a product display for Pakistani textile products at Osaka, Japan, in the current financial year.

Besides the above summarized major activities, the Division is continually engaged in preparing commodity / country reports pertaining to the Textile sector, as well as organizing informational and training seminars and workshops for current and potential entrepreneurs in this sector. Such activities are of course undertaken with full consultation - and sometimes in collaboration - with the various stakeholders of the Textile sector.