Minerals and Metals
Minerals and Metals

Pakistan has exceptional export potential of mineral & metals due to its significant natural resources. The country is well-endowed with a great number such minerals and metals which include: Petroleum Group, Marble, Onyx, Granite and other Dimensional Stones, Talc (Soap Stone), Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Gypsum, Coal, Gemstones, Noble Metals, Chromites, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Lead-Zinc Ores etc.

Keeping in view the enormous export potential of minerals, the Minerals & Metals Division was established at TDAP to tackle issues pertaining to entire value chain of minerals & metals and to broaden the spectrum of exports. The Division is responsible for the following:

Extensive interactions with internal and external stakeholders
Developing new exportable products and new exporters
Addressing region specific challenges
Identifying all potential minerals and metals available in Pakistan that can generate export revenue
Identifying aspects of production process with high wastage in the existing resource extraction and processing activity sequence, prior to export
Preparing marketing plans for foreign investment, joint venture and technology transfer for development of minerals and metals.

TDAP's efforts based on aggressive marketing and institutional facilities to the Mineral sector have resulted in the expansion of exports from the country. Gems & Jewelery, Petroleum group, Marble& Granite, and Chromium ore, contributed a big share in the exports.

Minerals & Metals Division is working to increase the export of natural resources by maintaining a close liaison with stakeholders and participation in International Trade Fairs & Exhibitions. The Division is also contributing to the human resource development endeavor for the sector, by developing vocational institutes in different parts of the country.