• • In February 2012, WTO allowed waiver to EU for granting these ATPs to Pakistan, to help Pakistani economy recover from the devastating flood in 2010. Subsequently, the EU parliament ratified the resolution in September 2012, spelling out the implementation date, procedures and TRQ administration methods in line with existing laws and regulations. The said Regulation will be announced in the next few days and is expected to be implemented from 15th of November 2012 and will be operational till 31st December 2013.

• The Package envisages temporary suspension of import duties on 75 items for a period of; 2 months of calendar year 2012 and complete calendar year of 2013 and, extendable for one more year. However; it subjects 26
products to Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ).


• The WTO Cell of the TDAP had conducted a thorough analysis of the 75 tariff lines on which preferential access is expected as well as of the 26 “Tariff Rated Quota” tariff lines, with the view; to identify and highlight the tariff lines with the most gain potential as well as to quantify overall
increase in exports. The analysis was not only submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and shared with all relevant Trade Associations, but the findings were also disseminated through Sectoral meetings conducted by the WTO Cell as part of its awareness creation campaign.


• The WTO Cell has also initiated a plan for a technological revamping of TDAPs GSP Section in order to facilitate the issuance of Country of Origin Certificates required for availing the zero rated tariffs under the ATP regime and also to monitor the Tariff Rated Quota in order to ensure full utilization of the said quotas. The new system would link all the regional and sub- regional offices of the TDAP with the Head Quarters through an online intra-net for optimal efficiency.