Construction is the second largest sector in Pakistan’s economy after agriculture. Pakistan’s Construction & Architecture industry has built a solid reputation for market excellence, drawing on a rich history and a strong heritage of quality, stability and innovative work. Pakistan has the multi-disciplined professionals (engineers, architectures, consultants, etc), equipment, construction materials, experience and bonding capacity to complete almost any size project on time and on budget. Pakistan’s Construction & Architecture industry have a background working experience in countries like Germany, UK , Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sudan, and various other countries of almost every continents of the world including Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Pakistan’s civil construction & architecture industry is committed to providing quality construction services to private industry, companies, owners and public agencies in any country of the world.

Pakistan’s Construction & Architecture industry has following expertise:

(A) Infrastructure Planning, Design & Supervision:
  • * Roads (Highways, Urban Roads, Rural Roads, etc.
  • * Water Supply (Networks, Treatment, etc.)
  • * Sewerage(Networks, Treatment, etc)
  • * Drainage
  • * Irrigation
  • * Dams
  • * Electrical
  • * Railways
  • * Transportation Planning & Traffic Management
  • * Oil & Gas
  • * Feasibilities & Planning in all these sectors
(B) Building & Architecture:
  • * Commercial
  • * Residential
  • * Sewerage(Networks, Treatment, etc)
  • * Special purpose buildings like Hospital, Educational, Institutional, and Government
  • * Landscaping, Parks & Playgrounds
(C) Master Planning:
  • * New Cities
  • * City Level Planning
  • * Housing Schemes
  • * Industrial Estates
  • * Rehabilitation & Urban Renewal
(D) Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Mapping & Land

(E) Environment

(F) Other development areas like Land development, Surveying,
      Remote Sensing, 3rd Party Validation