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Join TDAP's Trade Delegation to Maldives
Dated: Apr 09,2009
Pakistan Single Country Exhibition, Toronto-Canada.
Dated: Apr 08,2009
Cool Chain and Cold Storage for Horticulture Products
Dated: Apr 07,2009
Join TDAP in Tutto food-milan Italy.
Dated: Apr 02,2009
TDAP and USAID join hands for trade development and export promotion
Dated: Mar 31,2009
Join TDAP in Project near east, Amman-Jordan
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in Medica, Dusseldorf-Germany
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in hotel show, UAE
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in 15th Azerbaijan Int'l food exhibition
Dated: Mar 27,2009
Join TDAP in bycle and motorcycle exhbition, Italy
Dated: Mar 27,2009
EC Decision to ban dimethyl fumarate in consumer products.
Dated: Mar 26,2009
Support for Compliance Certificate
Dated: Mar 18,2009
Join TDAP in Automechanika Dubai - UAE
Dated: Mar 17,2009
Join TDAPs Bedwear Trade Delegations to Western Europe and Scandinavian Countries
Dated: Mar 13,2009
Lifting of Ban on Import of fish and other marine products by the Saudi Government.
Dated: Mar 12,2009
Join TDAP in Heimtextil Frankfurt-Germany
Dated: Mar 12,2009
Procedure Relating to the Implementation of the Common Commercial Policy.
Dated: Mar 11,2009
Dated: Mar 07,2009
T/C & Canvas fabric Sourcing in Pakistan
Dated: Mar 07,2009
Pakistan Single Country Exhibition Tehran May -June 2009
Dated: Mar 06,2009
Join TDAP In Bangkok Fairs
Dated: Mar 06,2009
Join TDAP in 42nd Algiers Intl Fair
Dated: Mar 05,2009
TDAP, PASHA and PSEB mull over ways to boost IT sector exports from Pakistan
Dated: Mar 05,2009
The African Greatest Leather Assembly Fair, Sudan 4-7 May' 2009
Dated: Feb 28,2009
Join TDAP in Food & Hotel Show Seoul - South Korea
Dated: Feb 27,2009
PPMA Meeting with Secretary TDAP
Dated: Feb 26,2009
TDAP plans to target Russian market.
Dated: Feb 24,2009
Trade Caravan to the Central Asian Countries in June 2009
Dated: Feb 23,2009
JOIN TDAP IN SOPX UK London - United Kingdom
Dated: Feb 20,2009
Join TDAP in 33rd International Dental Show (IDS 2009) Cologne Germany
Dated: Feb 17,2009
Join TDAP in 2nd South Asian Countries Commodities Fair, Kunming
Dated: Feb 17,2009
JOIN TDAPs Trade Delegations to Russia
Dated: Jan 21,2009
Join TDAP in Material World Miami Beach, Florida
Dated: Jan 15,2009
Export of Long Grain Pakistani Basmati Rice to Sri Lanka
Dated: Jan 12,2009
Join TDAP in APLF-Fashion access Hong Kong
Dated: Jan 10,2009
Join TDAP in 18th International Exhibition of Home & Office Furniture, Iran
Dated: Jan 10,2009
Join TDAP in Halal Food, Iran
Dated: Jan 10,2009
Application Form for the Protocol Passes for Leading Exporters.
Dated: Dec 31,2008
Dated: Dec 22,2008
JOIN TDAP IN Texworld Paris - France
Dated: Dec 06,2008